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What do I mean by carefully selected? Basically, I mean used and tested by professional climbers and guides. I look primarily for function, versatility and reliability, but I also consider value and style.
Because mountaineering is physically demanding and the amount of gear that we can carry is limited, every piece of gear must be carefully considered. Classic mountaineering philosophies suggest a less is more approach. The French climbing guide, Gaston Rebuffat, advised, “when packing the rucksack remember, weight is the enemy.” He also said, “don't forget anything,”…a challenging contradiction every time.
Every climber goes through a learning process in deciding what is too much and what is not enough. My advice is to experiment—leave a few things out, consider every single item, dare to be a little cold (you may surprise yourself…and learn some new tricks). The rewards of packing light are greater comfort and safety.

—Jim Nelson, Owner

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